Modules for

CapNordic Workflow 8.0.

At CapNordic we wish that you get the best from our products. Therefore we continuously develop new modules to ensure that CapNordic Workflow is always leading, when it comes to electronic invoice processing. The modules are add-ons to CapNordic Workflow 8.0. and will without doubt increase the value and joy of your current CapNordic Workflow solution.

Below follows a brief description of each module. Contact us for details or an offer.

  • Organization chart module: Share specific documents with individuals or groups.

  • Printning module: Print details from accounting or save as Tiff / PDF.

  • Expanded access: allows you to assign read-only access to invoices for users who otherwise would not be part of the approval flow.

  • Keyboard shortcuts Module: Save time and effort by making your own shortcuts.

  • Performance module: Get an insight of the time of invoicing and see where it can be more efficient.

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