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At CapNordic we wish that you get the best from our products. Therefore we continuously develop new modules to ensure that CapNordic Workflow is always leading, when it comes to electronic invoice processing. The modules are add-ons to CapNordic Workflow and will without doubt increase the value and joy of your current CapNordic Workflow solution.

Below follows a brief description of each module. Contact us for details or an offer.

  • Send invoice by e-mail: makes it possible to send an invoice as an email directly from Workflow.

  • Archiving module: avoid searching and working with old and irrelevant invoices.

  • PDF module: makes it possible to load PDF files into CapNordic Workflow.

  • Bookkeeping entry overview: shows how an invoice has been entered in the main window.

  • Purchase order module: makes sure that the companys purchase orders are automatically attached to the relevant invoice and sent for approval.

  • Absence module: makes it possible to appoint a replacement which can process your vouchers and invoices during absence.

  • FIK module: makes it possible to read data from GIRO/FIK cards automatically.

  • OCR Engine module: makes the setup of read data from the invoice, even easier.

  • OIOUBL module: makes it possible to receive and read digital invoices in the OIOUBL format, directly in CapNordic Workflow.

  • Travel reimbursement module: makes it possible to handle travel vouchers as a seperate part of the invoice processing.

  • Standard bookkeeping module: makes it possible to save and load standard bookkeeping entries to supplier invoices.

  • Status overview for approver module: with this module, the approver will get a quick overview of how far an invoice is in it's approval process.

  • Visible commentary module: makes it possible to quickly and easily see if there are comments attached to an invoice, without having to activate the commentary field.

  • TDC invoice module: makes it possible to handle an invoice from TDC electronically.

  • Extended access: gives the possibility to assign reading access to invoices for users which normally is not a part of the approval process.

  • Superuser light module: makes it possible to give a user the rights to watch all invoices which only was possible for superusers.

  • Attachment of file module: makes it possible to attach all kinds of files to an invoice in CapNordic Workflow.

  • Eksport to Microsoft Excel: makes it possible to export statistics repports to Excel or other systems.

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