Workflow 8.0

-Big changes with big improvements

A noticeable development has led CapNordic very popular and thoroughly worked out solution to Workflow 8.0 that will neither disappoint future nor existing clients.

The newer version is based on client feedback plus CapNordic own observations so that existing clients can get an even better experience and more efficiency on the workplace.

CapNordic presents with pride and joy Workflow 8.0, that with its new, modern and formable layout will make the everyday easier and far more efficient. An upgrade to this version is the next step.

Regarding improvements in the new version you find among others a new and transparent and formable layout. A gathering of work windows in the program provides the user with the possibility of shaping the window exactly after own wishes and needs. It is intuitive and logical and will give the user a feeling of control, that were not there before.

With more keyboard shortcuts the practised users can now jump even more clicks with the mouse.
Furthermore the searching machine is integrated in the same window as the data navigator and the search areas will no longer need attention, as the searching machine will do this automatically.

As something completely new the user will be able to make statistics and report, plus choose for whom these should be available. It is clear and will be a great timesaver for the users.

This development of the program is built on big performance improvement to the current as well as the future platforms. New functions is to ensure that administration and settings will be easier so that CapNordic remains the position as being one of the leading products within electronic document handling.

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