The end of lost or misplaced vouchers in the company

With CapNordic Workflow the paper invoices are scanned onto the computer and important data are read. After this the invoice is digitally sent for approval at the right person, where the authorization happens within Workflow or webbrowser and email. This means that the users get notified directly when there are vouchers to approve.

CapNordic Workflow is naturally integrated with the companys ERP-system. That way double-keying is avoided and unnecessary work minimized. The only requirement for the ERP-system is that it is able to import/export data. Furthermore Workflow can be customized to special needs that the company could have, either through pre-build modules or custom-build solutions.

In practice this means that the clerk places the pile of invoices on the scanners feeding-tray, presses start and everything happens automatically.

The digital advantage

It is thus unnecessary to store dusty papir-invoices which just takes up space anyway. With CapNordic Workflow, all scanned invoices are saved untill they are manually deleted.
Should it be necessary to find an old invoice, the search capabilities in Workflow is used and you will have the right invoice in a matter of seconds. Furthermore CapNordic Workflow supports free text search, which makes it possible to search for any number or word.

At CapNordic we have more than 10 years experience with electronic document processing, and we know that intuitive software is by far the best. Thats why Workflow is designed with focus on simple layouts, intuitive usage and a minimal amount of maintenance.

This combination is why a number of notable corporations in Denmark and Scandinavia has chosen to use CapNordic Workflow. See who on our reference page.

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