Workflow App

for the iPhone

CapNordic Workflow, which used to be limited to PC, has now been expanded and developed for the iPhone as Workflow App that provides more the user more freedom and space. It is easy to maneuver, less time consuming and always nearby.

With the new and clever application, it will now be possible to receive incoming invoices, approve them, make comments about them and send them on to the next person in the flow. Furthermore it is possible to follow the Log, Workflow and Costings exactly like on the PC. And if there is a printer nearby, the application can add the printer and help the user print the invoice if that is wanted.

CapNordic offers furthermore the user on the move a huge advantage. It is now possible, without internet, to work with invoices and approve them. The invoices will them automatically be placed in the outbox, for when the user reaches internet again, where after they will be sent. The Workflow App exists for Apple now, but there are future plans at CapNordic about a development for phones that uses the Android platform.

We expect a fast integration at CapNordic of the Workflow App, both in the companies that already enjoyes the advantages of CapNordic Workflow, and also new clients, who will see this innovative step from CapNordic as a useful tool - the tool of improving the flow with fewer disruptions for the company.

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