Exchange Gateway

CapNordic Exchange Gateway is a system capable of handling the exchange of electronic invoices between two or more companies.

The invoice is transferred from the supplier in one of the supported formats, through a Connector, which is installed at the supplier. When the customer receives the electronic invoice, the data is read by the use of templates that is configured in the Gateway. If CapNordic Workflow is used, the invoices can be read directly into this.

The whole process happens automatically and will be transparent for the users of the system. The process is carefully monitored by monitor-processes and uses automatic error handeling. If an error arises, for instance if an unknown filetype is received, the system automatically handles the error by forwarding the file by email to the economics department, without stopping the remaining system.

Security is of the outmost importance when it comes to invoice processing. Thats why the data that are sent between supplier and customer are encrypted. Each supplier gets a decryption-key, so that only invoices approved suppliers will be accepted by the system. This is another security instance which makes sure that outsiders wont be able to send invoices to the system.

CapNordic Exchange Gateway supports several ways of transferring invoices between customer and supplier. Typically a FTP or email based solution is used.

Just like with any other CapNordic product, it is possible to program directly in CapNordic Exchange Gateway by using CapNordic Application Language (CAL). Thereby its possible to customize the product completely.

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