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CapNordic A/S delivers products in the field of scanning, archiving and electronic dustribution of ducuments. Our product suite consists of five products, which combined covers all the needs that could arise from electronic document processing.

With CapNordic Workflow, invoices are scanned and relevant data is read, whereafter the users can authorize the invoices electronically.

CapNordic Documents makes it possible to scan and electronically archive documents like letters, correspondance, contracts, case files etc..

With CapNordic Handprint, handwritten text from time sheets, travel reimbursement and other handwritten documents can be read electronically.

By using CapNordic Scan, the company is ensured an efficient solution for scanning and electronic reading of invoices and documents for post processing in the companys invoice or documents processing system.

CapNordic Exchange Gateway handles the exchange of electronic invoices between two or more companies.

CapNordic Travel Expenses makes it easy and efficient to keep track on all vouchers attached to one or more credit cards.

By using CapNordic PDF Invoice Convert you can quickly read data from a PDF document to the companys ERP-system in an easy and secure manner.

All of CapNordic's products is standardized products and are today used by more than 100,000 users around the world. Still each product is very flexible and modular with respect to the development of costumization and special functions. This makes it possible for our customers to get exactly the solution they want and need.

Included in all of our products is a maintenance agreement which ensures that you as a customer always can get the newest features. Thereby you can always be sure that your system is up to date and market leading.

All of CapNordic's products is available for Microsoft platform (SQL-server, Information server), Lotus Domino / Web-server og Navision Financials.

Our products:

CapNordic Workflow

CapNordic Travel

CapNordic Documents

CapNordic Handprint

CapNordic Scan

CapNordic Exchange Gateway

CapNordic PDF Invoice Convert

CapNordic Workflow App for iPhone