Partner program

At CapNordic we focus on our partners and their different needs in order to offer CapNordic products.

For this purpose we have developed a unique partner program in three levels. This way we can anticipate our partners individual needs and focus areas.
At CapNordic we work close together with our partners to ensure quality training, support, marketing and sales. Each level has specific requirements that has to be met. This ensures that our costumers receive a professional service when they have to choose or have chosen a CapNordic product.



This program gives the opportunity to sell CapNordic products. We will collaborate on sales and marketing with the Reseller. As a Reseller you have the opportunity to implement CapNordic products.



This program gives the opportunity to sell and implement CapNordic products. To achieve this you have to complete the compulsory training in our product suite.

As a partner you will furthermore have the opportunity to develop CapNordic products through CapNordic Application Language (CAL). This gives you a flexibility not known in any other product and the opportunity to customize your customers solutions.


Gold Partner

This is the highest level of the partner program. This level offers the same opportunities as CapNordic Partner, but with several advantages like pre-release of new versions, closer collaboration on development of CapNordic products, training courses etc.. To become a Gold Partner you will have to complete at least three projects regarding CapNordic products. Further you will have to meet the requirements of the CapNordic Parter level.