Venture Cup - Entrepreneurship in development

Venture Cup happened again, the event that helps entrepreneurs to pursue their great idea. It’s about creating the right strategy, and being willing to fight for it. It has to fun, exiting and with potential.

Friday the 21st of June 2013 15 hopeful new companies of students came to Venture Cup in Copenhagen, with the expectations of running with the big price – 250.000 DKK to pursue their dream.

It’s supported by the Danish Universities and some of Denmark’s most innovative companies, including a close cooperation with organizations like Connect Denmark, CSE, Startup Bootcamp, and Stardust.

Venture Cup provides funding through competitions and at the same time provide networking opportunities, investor meetings, constructive feedback on the idea and training on the right pitching in several stages. Several participants have entered the competition, but now only 15 finalists remain within following 5 categories:

Cleantech & Environment: energy efficiency, waste management, pollution reduction etc.

Life Science & Medtech: biotech, pharma, medical devices, healthcare, biomaterials etc.

Mobile & Web: apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, NFC etc.

People & Society: education, consultancy, marketing, services, tourism, social e-ship etc.

Product & Technology: : industrial design, devices, robotics, hardware, nanotech etc.

The finalists compete for 50.000 DKK in their respective categories, and as well as an additional 200.000 DKK for the overall competition winner, which will be chosen at the Copenhagen City Hall at the final on the 14th of June 2012.

Venture Cup elected a winner for each category and furthermore one final winner. This years winner were: SBT Aquatech, who presented that they want to develop and produce and sensors that can discover bacteria in the drinking water, to supply the water industry on a so far untouched control system.

As something completely new and unique, 25 of the most promising new companies have been awarded a so-called “Booster Pack”, which is 400.000 DKK for every company they can use to buy services for the company. For instance IT support, web page, recruiting etc. It is an amazing opportunity to get further and get the help they need.

Basically it is all about supporting those students that have with a good and innovative idea. It is about giving them the chance to make a difference and to experience the ‘real’ world.

Source: Venture Cup
Source: Venture Cup Boosters
Source: Venture Cup Winners 2013

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