Quality has no age - CapNordic Modules

New is usually good, however, if it is regarding something of quality, age is of no significance.

CapNordic Workflow is a fantastic tool for every company, big as well as large, international as well as national, and CapNordic sees it as a virtue to tailor the program to the individual company.

Thus, CapNordic provides a grand selection of modules for Workflow, each and everyone with a function that for some companies could end up indispensable.

For instance the module: Print out module

The Print out module is for the company that wants the possibility to do further documenting within costings, the log, and the document images. The user can naturally decide in which level of detailing the documentation should be. Furthermore, the user can decide if the documentation should be electronic as either PDF or as a Tiff-file instead of printing.

CapNordic seeks to satisfy every need, thus, there is constant development and progress.

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