Ready for the paperless society

Our society is going to take a big step into the electronic world with the digital strategies that the public system will introduce in 2015.

An agreement with the government in the end of August with “kommunernes forening”, “KL” and “Danske Regioner”, contains that all communication between citizens and the public sector in Denmark from 2015 to be paperless.

KL President Jan Trøjborg points to the importance of getting all citizens to be a part of the digital process, including the elderly who may find challenges of the new methods. He believes that the citizens who have difficulties by the digitization should be able to get help either at the Citizen Service or at the library.

"The challenge is Citizen Service and libraries in Favrskov willing to take up" says consular chief Tonny Olsen and culture and leisure manager Ulla Egeberg. Here the staff will be ready to help the people to self-help in IT, for example through the issuance of NemID or help to move messages.

Furthermore do the libraries of Favrskov cooperate with “Ældresagen” on longer, more in-depth courses related to IT. Here are elderly who do not use computers and the Internet invited to try it - and want to do more.

CapNordic A/S has been prepared for the digital world for many years, since they 14 years ago began providing total software solutions for the paperless office. They offer electronic document and invoice processing for both Danish and international companies in which their product range includes scanning of invoices, driving contributions, contracts and much more.

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