Mobilepay – a great success

The electronic community has come a step further with the new form of payment ”Mobilepay” that Danske Bank launched on May 7th 2013.

A press release from Danske Bank says that more than 5 million customers use the app on a daily basis. The activity success has resulted in new features to optimize the product.

The new measures have led to an increase of the daily limit for transfers up to 1.500 DKK, the function ”share the bill” has been applied, and finally the product now can be used by virtually all smartphones.

“When you sit in a restaurant you can now easily share the bill with your friends. Simply by inserting the value of your bill and thereafter adding the contacts you need to split the bill with. After that just leave the rest to your mobile” says Jesper Nielsen, Head of Business Development, Danske Bank.

It has thus become easy and fast to transfer money and since May 500,000 Danes have already downloaded the app.

Reference: Børsen

Reference: Danske Bank

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