More focus on it-education

There continues to be more and more available it-educated in the age below 29. This, however, is not something that should encourage fewer people educating themselves within IT, says the trade association.

On the contrary it is thought that companies and organizations should make more positions, and not only hire the really qualified, but give the less qualified the chance to develop their skills and prove their worth.

”It is very important to continuously keep a dialogue about education, so that the need in the business world is matched. However, too few choose to go with an it-education.” This says the manager for politics and communication within the IT trade association, Mette Lundberg.

Danish IT also believes that education is an important area that Denmark should fight to maintain.

”An it-education in 2013 is simply a good education. It provides a wide selection of tools with a lot of future job positions” Says Carsten Nørgaard, the president for Danish IT.

Many companies seek specialized it-developers, and can have difficulties locating exactly the ones they want. That is why companies should help creating the specialists, and through that support it-educations.

CapNordic agrees that there is a need for competent it-educated, and support is by hiring interns and challenging them. This has several times led to a following employment when the internship is terminated. At CapNordic it is believed that with fresh energy, responsibility and the change to be challenged can contribute many interesting ideas.

The young interns will though the cooperation gets a view into the working environment and several success experiences for later use.

Kilde: Computerworld

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