Mandatory digital post with every Danish company

From the 1st of November 2013 all 640.000 Danish companies will experience a significant change regarding post from the public, as it will be demanded that the post can be received digitally as opposed to physically. This is an attempt from the public to save money in use of paper and shipment.

They expect to be able to save around 400 million DKK a year. Furthermore it is expected that it will be mandatory for all Danish citizens in about a year.

It will be done differently than when implementing electronic invoicing in 2005, which brought many months of chaos with disappeared bills and thus manually typing in of the forwarded documents. It is for a start only expected that all companies get a digital inbox, not that they have to receive the post digitally, after which they in a period will receive the post digitally and physically.

The initiative is supposed to contribute both to savings and furthermore make it easier to serve ones self everywhere and at all the time. Handling of cases will be done faster as information will not be typed in manually, which furthermore will minimize the risk of typing errors.

It is not news with “e-boks” with many companies, but they do not have a “NemID”, which can be used as employee signature. The companies with CVR-number will in practice create a new digital mailbox in the company portal, so that the post can be delivered safely. Here it can be chosen how to handle the post, whether to receive a message when new post arrive, create folders and integrate the mailbox in the companies own IT-systems.

This action will potentially open up for several possibilities within digital post, and maybe be used in between the companies, which will further contribute to a minimal use of paper, and further savings within the companies.

CapNordic A/S has with their popular program Workflow used electronic invoices for many years, and supports this initiative. They believe in a minimal use of paper – both to ensure savings financially, minimal requirements of space, and in order to save the environment from cutting down massive amount of trees.

At CapNordic A/S they are looking forward to the 1st of November and to be a part of the positive progress.

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