CapNordic A/S

At CapNordic A/S we produce complete software solutions to the paperless office. We do this to Danish as well as international corporations where more than 100,000 users daily accesses our systems.

Our product line consists of scanning of creditor vouchers, contracts, mileage vouchers, travel reimbursement, time sheets etc. from physical media and makes them available for the relevant people. For many of our solutions, we offer the posibility for scanning and text recognition of important information for use in archiving and searching.

CapNordic A/S are market leading in Denmark and representet in the rest of Scandinavia. Our vision is to always be leading in the field of electronic document processing, through constant development and research. All for the advantage of our customers.

Our products can be offered to several different platforms, like Microsoft and Lotus. Furthermore it has always been our focus to be able to integrate our solutions to the most widespread ERP-systems like Navision, Concorde, SAP, JD Edwards, Movex, Oracle Financials, Maconomy og SCALA.